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We measure our success in actual lives changed. These stories are a testament to the difference that communities can make when we come together to create lasting change.

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At the age of four, Oliver lost both of his parents in a car accident. Oliver was in the car at the time of the accident, and though he walked away without any physical injuries, he was emotionally devastated. With help Oliver became very active in sports, and though this can’t take away the pain of losing his parents, it has helped him to rediscover joy. 

Featured Story


As the sixth of nine children, Daniella’s parents did not have a lot of time, and they missed the warning signals that something was not quite right at school. Luckily, a social worker noticed that Daniella’s grades were dropping and realized she was having trouble reading and writing. Now Daniella has the extra help she needs to excel at school - and life. 

Featured Story

Chico Washington

Helping someone with autism can be incredibly difficult without help.  Since 1998 Constance Salas (S.E.C.C.) has helped me in many ways. She helped me out when I got evicted out of my first apartment. She gave me directions and the places of employment to work at during the time of the struggle. When I was coming up in the city of Columbus, Ohio she was always there for me in a spiritual sense. Her door was always open for me 24-7-365. She always kept a smile on my face even if it's on my worst day. We couldn't never be mad at each other too long even if I upset her on certain things of me doing silly stuff. I loved her like my sister. She always stayed on me about stuff, because she believed in me since when she first met me at Columbus State Community College in the fall of 1998. When I needed food she was there and I helped her a lot of times in her situations that pushed me to be something amazing. On October 23rd, 2000 I was attacked by 12 men she was with me and fought with me until she chased them away with a weapon. She was there with me at the hospital when I got injured in the situation. She encouraged me to take martial arts as that's where i got my black belt at. She came to my Track and Field banquet with when I participated in Track and Field at the college. Ever since then we always stayed close as great friends. I always tell her if it wasn't for her we both won't know if I would be here today if she didn't help me fighting 12 men at the time. I am inspired by her intelligence, encouragement, wisdom, and her determination to keep me motivated day in and day out.
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