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Coming - Resolving personal & community conflicts, arguments & issues. - Learn to grow plants, veggies & fruits for nutritional health & well being.

What We Do

Our Focus

We help children, families, and communities break the cycle of poverty by empowering people of all ages to dream, aspire and achieve.


A solid foundation in education is key to success later in life. Your donation funds teachers, books and extracurricular activities to help get youngsters off to the right start. 
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A Different Approach

Health & Wellness

Coming Soon!...
Alternative & Holistic Health Service


Community is the family that goes beyond family. It is the people and places that we come in contact with each and every day. When we strengthen communities, we strengthen individuals.


These are a few of our most recent programs. Each and every year, we'll add and carry out more programs in our communities involving people of every age, interest and need.

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