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Mission & Values

The mission of Economic Crisis Consultants is to strengthen the community and alleviate poverty through education, resource and development, food pantry, planting gardens, painting houses, transportation assistance, after school programs, temporary housing and shelter programs, job referral assistance and small business startup classes. We assist families, ex offenders, the elderly, the homeless and the poverty stricken.

We are dedicated to provided opportunities for all young people to live a better life. Our donations are given to all children in need, without regard to their race, religion, or background. We strive to create a better world, and we thank all of you for helping us to achieve that. 

Founded by serial entrepreneurs, Constance Salas and Eric Brown, both who grew up to love the people and communities around them. They started in their charitable activities by joining the 10,000 Fearless Men & Women of Phoenix a community action group dedicated to ending violence in the community by standing in between the gangs and the guns through conflict resolution in addition to other programs such as feeding the homeless, helping to distribute food to the community in partnership with St. Mary's Food Bank, etc. and Camp Unity Arizona where they participated in helping to start a summer camp for underprivileged city kids. 

Under the auspices of S.E.C.C. they've founded a program for the Homeless and less fortunate called the Homeless Relief Program in which they continue to help to feed and clothe the homeless in the valley via weekly donations and volunteers.

They also set up Nubian Notions, an online business model, soon to be a brick and mortar physical location as well, dedicated as one of the prime examples for young adults seeking to become self employed and start their own business enterprises through education, training and mentorship. 

Our Board

The members of our board of directors are thought leaders who have made a significant contribution to our community. Each and every one of them brings a unique set of skills and expertise to our organization. We are currently seeking board members with skill sets that can enhance and contribute to this organization. Feel free to inquire!
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